Spidey, Buggy & Ribby



Our fluffy little fellow. Friendly and definitely not venomous. Likes to hang out with his best pal Buggy (as well as with other creatures). Fan of good movies, books and tasty food. Sometimes a bit lost and confused but at the end everything ends well for him. Secretly in love with miss Ribby.



Male ladybug with fear of flying (unfortunately makes no use of his wings), water, heights, high speed and birds of course. Spidey’s best friend, always there for him (in his clumsy way).



Blue-eyed Spidey’s secret crush. Perhaps she has some special feelings about him too (and no, she’s not going to snap Spidey’s head off). May seem to have her nose in the air, but deep inside she’s sweet and emphatic. Huge music lover – her favourite band is… The Beatles.

15 thoughts on “Spidey, Buggy & Ribby

  1. Great minds and all that… I still need to do some introductions for my own characters before things get too out of hand. If I were smart I’d have done it already like you did! 🙂

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